hey everyone and welcome back to my channel so today I’m doing something very very very different I want to talk about plagiarism now any of you that are on university school college I’m sure you’ve heard the word plagiarism sure you’ve heard of the consequences of plagiarizing I’ve had a few comments and questions from you guys asking how to check your work for plagiarism to make sure that it isn’t plagiarized or you haven’t copied too much I thought a really good way of doing this is to actually get someone on Fiverr to write an essay now 5 hour as you may or may not know is a place where you can kind of Commission someone to do pretty much anything also found a few sellers that were reading consumer rights my essay for 5 dollars which is about I think it’s like 4 pounds 60 not mistaken for 117 the pound is extremely weak right now but yeah so I actually paid someone a piece for me people to write my essays I watched documentary the other day about students that are getting ghost writers to write their essays for them and how much trouble they actually got into in the end and they’ve got excluded from the universities they were taken off their courses that they have to be taking year it’s just not worth it but I thought you know let’s see what kind of work that actually do let’s see if the work is legitimate let’s see if its original and let’s see if it’s plagiarized and let me show you guys how to check your work and how to make sure that your work is not plagiarized what is plagiarism now there are a number of different types of plagiarism the first one is just direct plagiarism it just straight up copying someone else’s work copy and pasting you know no effort to change no effort to roughen it’s not effort to do anything you’ve just copied someone else’s work the second type is self-plagiarism so you you may have submitted that work before in a previous essay and you then resubmit the whole thing again for a different essay and this time come up with self-plagiarism the next type is mosaic plagiarism and this kind of called powerful can also be called paraphrasing I guess and where you take someone else’s work you change a few words you use some synonyms for some words it’s the jet same general structure the same general vibe it’s just slightly different terms of the wording this is still plagiarism and the last type is accidental plagiarism so this is where you may not have referenced everything you may not have this in the source for everything or cited everything but this is still played remember use Fiverr before but on five you have a range of different sellers so you have level one sellers level two sellers level three sellers I have tried to pick sellers that are in all three categories and but the highest sellers are more expensive I gave them all of the same brief so I asked them to write an essay with three references and some critical thoughts and and to do with a topic that is my PhD basically so I knew that I’ll know what we’re talking about about a month ago I sent off the briefs and I paid for it there were about six or seven rejections so people just didn’t apply back I got my money back someone else said that they don’t want to do it I got money right I’m also going to check for plagiarism because the guards of whether they are an a-level essay on a star level essay if it’s plagiarized it’s going straight into the bin and so is your degree so let’s check and let’s see and how they did the first night god I actually got it straight away so as soon as I sent it off I said how the roof should you play back and sent it to me straight away it’s 200 words so it’s not even an abstract it’s barely anything 200 words with additional research and references with citation he has a PhD in environmental sciences find it quite hard to believe that someone’s going to write an original essay and do research for five dollars the second person I chose is this person this is a guy and 500 words with topic research again these are all one-day delivery when I actually did manage to successfully send off I got a reply back within a day specialized in writing books on such a huge range fashion lifestyle fitness sports health science tyranny of me plagiarism free as well I find it very hard to believe that someone’s going to be able to write a book or an essay on all of those topics and it’ll be really good thirdly the third person I picked was again this guy’s in Pakistan did not notice everything sound there you go and this person got loads of experience in health medicine education psychology will see how good they actually are and if it was worth your money okay so this is the first one five references pretty good that’s pretty good I only asked the three so five is good punctuation and spelling I am grandma I wouldn’t say is the best but um that’s fine I mean the essays there so my question was the role of dive nurse in the acting cortex and diaphanous is a very important protein acting cortex for a number of different and structural roles cell division and it looks like she’s actually done lots of research I don’t see much critical thoughts so I wouldn’t say that this hits the top range of exam answers I guess it’s not bad it’s not bad let’s be honest it’s not bad so the second essay has only two references one is Wikipedia so that already tells me that’s not fantastic there’s no referencing in the actual essay so straight away that’s plagiarism so he’s written the first sentence introducing the die furnace fine the second sentence or the thousands of sorry says our findings indicate so you’ve clearly copied and pasted this from a research paper because when you write an essay you don’t say our findings you say the findings of this lab it let’s try it in a third one quite a long essay look season I like that I like this person they’ve actually really stuck to the brief what I’m using to check page is a new birdie which is I’ve never website I just found to help check for plagiarism it tells you exactly where everything comes from so hopefully this does that as well shows you exactly the bits are page wise and exactly where it comes from it doesn’t matter if it’s in a blog in the corner of the internet so this essay is 70% unique which means that it’s 30% plagiarized which is very high that’s quite high but especially because there aren’t in-text referencing you are allowed to have a certain amount of percentage plagiarize because there are the standard sentences that you just can’t you know get away with not saying but anything over sort of 10 to 15% is checked quite quite thoroughly so 30% is quite high essay and number to 10 20 seconds this is a really exciting I’ve never honestly never paid advance about my essay people are paying others to write their essays they’re ending up in lots of trouble because of it it’s really not worth it bad that’s bad okay so this essay is almost 50% unique so 50% of it is plagiarized and as you can see it’s not only just plagiarized but it’s not referenced as well so they’ve just plagiarizing the information copied it straight up I even changed probably change one or two words that’s bad pay for that you submit that to your university and that’s your whole degree down the drain it’s not a joke guys don’t do it this person has gone to a blog a wordpress blog and has found some information about deafness one and just copied it let’s check essay 3 leave me a comment down below let me know if you’ve ever considered painful ones about your essay I think it’s something that it’s not spoken about at all and it’s something it’s huge it’s a huge industry essay-writing is a huge industry and this would mean II want to show you guys that it’s not worth it it really isn’t like that 58 percent unique oh my gosh okay so this one is 42 percent plagiarized it’s just a massive big chunk of writing that’s been copied and you know what this person is so smart they copied it from Afghan and our outcome is a place that you go to purchase and antibodies they’ve also gone to uniprot Swiss again which again it’s something that is only used by scientists or people in the science field as you can see if all three essays would have led you to losing your degree that’s just straight up I get so many messages from your asking how do I check for plagiarism how do i never play try it you don’t need to check because if you write your essay and you know that what you’ve written is original I know that when I write my essays I’ve taken information from different places I tried to work out what I want to say and that sentence I’ve written is an original sentence therefore I don’t worry about plagiarism I know that I’m fine so if you’re asking how to find out whether your web page wise or not that that should tell you that you need to redo that piece I should tell you that you need to go back and write originally and I know it can be hard I know it’s tough really taking the time to take time plan your essays be organized we’ll need you to not have to find out whether there’s others page of ice or not yeah that you enjoyed watching this it’s a bit of an experiment to be honest I’m never gonna do this again but I would just cut off what plagiarism but in a bit of a different way and and I really hope you enjoyed watching this and don’t forget to leave me a huge thumbs up don’t hit subscribe to my channel and I see you guys in my next one bye