14 Reasons Nerdy Men Will Be The Most Useful

Here’s what we contemplate it:

1. They want to remain in and simply chill.
Nerds aren’t familiar with investing time that is much (awwww), this means forgoing da club to cuddle up and marathon everything on television (the whole thing) is more their speed.

2. They love carrying it out.
And they are grateful you adore carrying it out together with them.

3. Being passionate about things is adorable.
(Caveat: provided that those ideas are Star Wars and LAN events and cool fusion as a fascinating concept to obsess over rather than a master policy for peoples destruction; if you should be dating a nerd whom’s hell-bent on enslaving a complete populace to ensure they are a brand new flavor of hill Dew, improve your number.)

4. They generate the very best jokes.
Nerds are only funny. Humor, frequently developed being a coping process to cope with individuals being jerks in their mind, is an asset that is invaluable a relationship. You understand you’ll laugh shit off during crisis and also you dudes can fart in the front of each and every other. Exactly exactly What more are you wanting?

5. They are perhaps maybe not superficial.
You can wear a pounds that are few use sweatpants throughout the day erryday as well as your nerd does not give a fuck. In reality, they might even think you look sexy if you wear their sweatpants with the Star Trek insignia on the leg. You know what: you may be presently residing your life that is best.

6. Once they do suit up, they may be extremely impressive.
A nerd in a suit? I am ovulating.

7. They make cups look
OMG, a nerd in spectacles and a suit?! i recently dropped another egg.

8. They may be a weapon that is secret pub trivia.
Is there anything sexier than a dude who helps your team take home the $20 Starbucks gift card at trivia? NOPE.

9. They don’t really judge you for the obsessions that are nerd />“It’s cool, child. I adore Nathan Fillion too.”

10. They learn how to fix shit.
Maybe they invested every time of these youth inside figuring things away and possibly that is benefitting at this point you? Forget the Genius Bar, you’ve got your really genius that is own house.

11. They are more
If you had been tossed in a trash can every Tuesday of sophomore year while the woman you asked to prom literally choked by by herself laughing (after which stated, “Hell no”), you’re most likely actually careful along with other individuals emotions. Interpretation: your employer is really a genuine d to you at your workplace? Your nerd will probably provide you with the most readily useful fucking hug. (after which they are going to come up with the ultimate way to get the employer right right straight back without getting caught. Because requirements are great at petty revenge. Or more the flicks let me know.)


13. They truly are curious.
About every thing, and also by “everything,” I mean “sex.” Did we mention that nerds are excellent at sex?

14. They may be perhaps maybe not wanting to wow anybody.
My BF is the coolest, kindest, smartest, many person that is good’ve ever met but he does not have the should constantly inform individuals exactly just just how unique he could be. He simply is. I do believe it comes down from several years of marching to your drum that is own simply do not provide a shit any longer. It is freeing become with an individual who does not destroy by themselves over the other individuals think. You are able to both simply do you really, riding to the sunset on a unicorn (you understand, the main one they created for a game that fdating review is special of).

Hope our advices will allow you to into the forseeable future!

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