You can find precise details in the general terms and conditions of the respective provider.

Overall, we believe that the 1xbet bonus conditions are fair. With a good strategy it is possible to optimize the chance of winning despite the minimum odds, which are a bit too high. A bit of luck is always necessary, but overall the 1xbet bonus is on a good level. All bets at 1xbet are tax-free for customers with German residence. This can be a considerable advantage, especially since the odds are well above the usual average. 1xbet belongs to the elite group of bookmakers who offer tax-free sports betting in Germany. Most experienced sports betting fans are probably familiar with the background, yet not every beginner: In Germany, bookmakers have to pay 5 percent tax on every stake. Most bookmakers solve this problem by collecting an equal fee from their customers. Ultimately, the betting tax also ensures that the rate drops by 5 percent.

With the tax-free betting provider 1xbet, customers from Germany can benefit optimally, as the betting odds are far above the usual average. Even with taxation, 1xbet would still be doing well in terms of quotas. In direct comparison with the bookmakers with betting tax, 1xbet is miles ahead of the odds. The combination of tax-free sports betting and outstanding betting odds makes 1xbet very attractive. At 1xbet, almost every payment method is offered that can be used for deposits and withdrawals on the Internet. In addition to the major credit cards and e-wallets, there are also numerous options that are only available in some countries. The choice of payment methods at 1xbet is excellent. There are only a few gaps, but they are considerable for users in this country. For example, PayPal and Trustly are not available and Skrill and Neteller cannot be used by German customers. 1xbet offers many other payment methods that are well suited for deposits and withdrawals. The following list is not complete, but gives an impression of how great the variety is at 1xbet in the payment area: For most payment methods, the minimum amount for deposits is 1 euro. That is very customer-friendly.

Just like the fact that all transactions are free of charge. At 1xbet there are several options to use football betting mobile. In addition to native apps for iOS and Android, there is also a mobile website that, in our experience, works well. Mobile access is particularly important for modern sports betting fans. We tried all three options and found that it is possible to use the complete sports betting portfolio in all three ways. All football bets are presented in the 1xbet app for iOS, in the 1xbet app for Android and on the mobile website. From our point of view, the mobile website is the simplest solution for mobile If you have a problem with the mobile website on your smartphone or tablet, you should try the native apps. All apps are free, so you can easily try out which of this offered variants is best for you.

You don’t need a new account to use the 1xbet mobile app. It is also possible to only use mobile access. At 1xbet you may also do everything from registration to paying out your winnings. The 1xbet casino offering is just as extensive and diverse as the sports betting portfolio. There is a classic online casino with countless slots from top manufacturers such as NetEnt and Play‘n GO. There is also a modern live casino with blackjack, roulette, baccarat, poker and other games. Bingo, pools, financial betting and poker are also offered.

Thus, 1xbet customers can enjoy a complete and large sports betting and gaming portfolio. We tried 1xbet extensively and recognized many positive details. From our point of view, one or the other small gap in the soccer betting area is not particularly significant. It is far more important that almost all important and many unimportant games are available, including in the live betting area. The quality of the odds is outstanding and German customers benefit from the fact that 1xbet is a bookmaker without betting tax. The 100 euro ( 100 percent) new customer bonus is an attractive offer. With a lower minimum quota, we would give an even higher rating. But even in its current form, the offer is recommended. Overall, we gained a very positive impression of 1xbet and may recommend all football fans to open an account with this reputable betting provider. It is the responsibility of users to ensure that they are allowed to take part in online gambling before they register with one of the providers presented. The displayed bonus offers always represent the maximum amount. You can find precise details in the general terms and conditions of the respective provider. The company 1XBet has been represented on the market since 2007. Of course, during this phase it was possible to shape the own offer into one of the most popular in the international field. It was important for us to take an objective and close look at the bookmaker’s performance.

What can customers expect when they choose to sign up? Right from the start, it seems appropriate to focus on the seriousness of the company. Bookmakers are repeatedly associated with suspicion of fraud. At 1XBet, several indicators suggest that this is not the case. On the one hand, the experience of numerous customers from more than a decade is available. In many places you express yourself positively about the possibilities associated with registering at 1XBet. At the same time, there has never been a refusal to win or similar offenses that could be equated with fraud. With this in mind, customers can start their registration with confidence.

On the other hand, it is the media presentation that gives such an impression. Again and again, 1XBet has recently succeeded in gaining new advertising partners on its own behalf. Of course, such a project will only be successful if there is a serious basic attitude. In this case, the very well-known cooperating companies clearly prove that such a seriousness test was also carried out on their part. This reinforces the impression that it is possible to access the offer with a clear conscience. In addition, there is the license from 1XBet, which every customer can see for themselves by taking a quick look at the provider’s homepage. In this case the head office is on Curacao.

What at first glance seems a long way from Europe, on closer inspection falls within the scope of the EU. Because it is A dutch caribbean island. Consequently, thanks to the licensing, 1XBet customers benefit from all the advantages that would also be associated with locations such as Germany or France. The betting portal available remains crucial for the registration at 1XBet. Basically, there is the opportunity to access it directly without downloading any software. The betting portal is directly available in the browser and thus offers the opportunity to manage your own personal account from any Internet connection anywhere in the world. The clarity with which those responsible devoted themselves to their website is particularly noticeable. In this way, even new customers have no difficulty at all in finding their way around the site and initiating the desired actions. There is the neat categorization of the numerous bets. This also contributes to easier access, which can only be described as advantageous.

But the opportunity to use the services of 1XBet has long since not only been available on the normal desktop. Instead, it is possible to be active on a smartphone or tablet. This is due to the mobile offer, which was created especially for this purpose. On the one hand, the mobile website offers the opportunity to be forwarded directly to a page with a customized display. All features and functions are available there in an adapted form so that it is possible to always keep track of things on the much smaller screen. On the other hand, 1XBet customers have not yet had their own app available. At this point there is still some dependence on improvement. But what about the bets that can be played on the way to winning? On the one hand, there is an opportunity for customers to access the sports betting area. In addition to the classic sports such as football, handball or basketball, various e-sports disciplines now also play a important role there. In particular, the well-developed range in the electronic sector has recently boosted the bookmaker’s popularity dramatically. But at 1XBet you can not only bet on the simple outcome of a game. Overall, it is often possible to select more than 100 different events for placing a bet in a single game.

So it is possible even for demanding professionals to successfully implement their very own strategy. On the other hand, there is the opportunity to combine several events on one betting slip. Since in this case the odds multiply, it is possible to achieve a high possible profit with a moderate use of capital. Live bets also play a important role at 1XBet. There it is possible for the players to post their own tip even after the game has kicked off. The odds adapt to the current course of the game. Overall, a quota key of up to 95 percent can be expected. A very large part of the stakes that were paid by the players flows back into their pockets as profit and thus provides added value. The betting tax has been causing a lot of discussion in Germany since 2012. 1XBet also found a individual way to deal with this issue. Unfortunately this does not correspond to the expectations of the players. Because the bookmaker circumvents his duty to pay the tax of five percent to the tax authorities. This is mainly possible due to the location in Curacao. In purely theoretical terms, however, this step can have serious consequences for customers from Germany.

Because according to the law, they are obliged to pay the tax retrospectively on their operations. The extent to which this is of criminal importance in practice is another matter. 1XBet customers also have the chance to secure an additional benefit when they register. The bookmaker doubles a customer’s first deposit up to a maximum of 100 euros. This means that more capital is available right at the beginning of registration, which may be used for betting. With a little luck, a positive financial balance sheet will develop even faster on this basis. However, the implementation conditions must be met before the bonus money may be paid out. For this, the amount must be wagered five times with a quota of at least 2.0. So the bottom line is a little luck is required to eventually get the money to pay out. It is also possible on the provider’s homepage to find out about seasonal promotions that are available at short notice. These are usually available to all customers, but can only be used for a limited period of time. For this reason, too, it is very important to regularly take a look at the provider’s homepage.

If questions or problems arise while registering at 1XBet, they can be solved using the FAQ. It is also possible to get in touch with those responsible in writing within a short period of time. Above all, the friendly and precise answers convinced us in our test. On the other hand, the free hotline at +49 800 5889574 means significant added value for customers. This makes it possible to speak to employees directly. The following options are available at 1XBet for deposits and withdrawals: There are also many other offers that can be found in individual niches. We can speak of a excellent offer that meets the needs of customers. Overall, we came to the conclusion in our 1XBet test that it is a serious and attractive provider. The number of different payment methods was particularly impressive. On the other hand, customers find it difficult to meet the conditions of the bonus.

In this regard, other bookmakers can paint a better picture. I paid out EUR 2000 7 days ago with Rapid Transfer. Nothing has happened to this day. Withdrawal has been approved as always, but so far has been withdrawn immediately on the same day. 2 days later the money was in the bank account. In the current case, the employees are unfriendly, incompetent and never help me at all. All I hear is that it can take up to 5 days. (but NEVER has in the last 2 years). I’m slowly wondering, WHERE are my EUR 2000 ????? An expert is supposed to take care of it, but unfortunately nothing happens.

Alleged “experts” have been checking for 3 days. you can clearly see on my betting account that the 3 payouts were ONLY approved but NOT carried out. The EUR 2000 + 20 + 50 was NEVER paid out! It doesn’t matter if I wait until Monday, even then the 20 and 50 will not be paid out. In the last 2 years the payments were always made on the SAME day! Description of the process so far: Typically, the IMMEDIATELY was paid on the same day !!!!! So far, after paying out with “Rapid Transfer” after 30 minutes !!!! Receive an email from Skrill “Your transaction has been initiated”. The next day I received an email from Skrill “Your transaction has been processed” For these 3 withdrawals (2000 + 20 +50) I NEVER received an email from Skrill, which means that there was NEVER a withdrawal !!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But for 3 days the incompetent experts have not been able to check appropriately !!!!! It is clear that the money was NEVER paid out. You can see on my betting account that all 3 withdrawals have not yet been made (only “approved” status). This does not require a 3-day check. It is clear that the money was NOT paid out by 1xbet !!!!!! I always consider two things with bookmakers: the odds and also the bonus.