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The murder that is unsolved of Dawson

A celebrity footballer. Their college woman fan. a spouse whom vanishes.

Do you realize more about Lyn Dawson’s disappearance?

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Episode 1: Bayview

Episode 2: Cromer Tall

Episode 3: Bruised

Episode 4: Soft Soil

Episode 5: A Lovely Drink

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Episode 7: The Bands

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Family responds to arrest

Your family of Chris Dawson has “no doubt whatsoever” he will be discovered simple after their arrest today.

Brand Brand New Dawson witness revealed

The previous babysitter for Chris and Lyn Dawson is among the brand brand brand new witnesses who could be called to provide proof in the murder fee up against the previous footballer | NEW PODCAST EPISODE TONIGHT

Telltale signs in Dawson’s writing

Ex-NSW detective claims Chris Dawson’s statement that is handwritten the disappearance of spouse Lyn contains a few warning flags.


The Teacher’s Pet Trailer 00:28:02

A celebrity footballer. Their college girl enthusiast. a spouse whom vanishes. The Australian’s Hedley Thomas digs deeply right into a cool situation that was unsolved for 36 years, uncovering startling brand new proof.

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The Teacher’s Pet Trailer

A celebrity footballer. Their school girl lover. a wife whom vanishes. The Australian’s Hedley Thomas digs deeply into a cool instance that is unsolved for 36 years, uncovering startling evidence that is new.

Individuals included

The disappearance of Lyn Dawson has remained a secret for 36 years. Right Here are the key individuals included in the event.

From 1965 to now

From Chris and Lyn’s very first conference at senior school right through to the current day, this is a complete schedule of key activities.


The cousin of lacking Lyn Dawson claims the ­inability to get her body will not reduce the possibilities of attaining justice.

No breakthrough in Lyn search

Lyn Dawson’s household has told of these appreciation for the police that is new at her previous house due to the fact search completed.

Police dig deeper for Lyn

The owners of Lyn Dawson’s previous house didn’t stay when it comes to a dig and allowed authorities in with out a warrant.


Intercourse with pupils rife in college

At the least six male instructors had been sex that is having teen girls during the senior school where murder suspect Chris Dawson taught.

‘They David Murray

For the time that is first unique words, traumatised previous pupils blow the lid on Cromer senior high school as well as its instructors.

Girls a ‘fringe advantage’ for teachers

Previous pupil of Cromer tall states their old instructors are now “sh—ing themselves” as exactly just what continued there is certainly finally exposed.


‘It’s a witch search on my father’

For 36 years, Sherryn Dawson claims she’s got heard wicked lies and conspiracies about her dad.

‘i’ve levels of anger, rage’

Shanelle Dawson couldn’t sleep regarding the anniversary of her mom Lyn’s disappearance, therefore she sat down and published a page.

‘Too trusting’: Lyn’s family members allows tear

Lyn Dawson’s furious relatives need description for why police sat on damning evidence involving her spouse.


Brand Brand New Dawson witness revealed

The previous baby-sitter for Chris and Lyn Dawson is among the brand brand new witnesses whom might be called to offer proof in the murder cost contrary to the previous footballer | brand brand brand NEW PODCAST EPISODE TONIGHT

Police dig deeper for Lyn

The owners of Lyn Dawson’s home that is formern’t stay when it comes to a dig and permitted police in with no warrant.

‘Cops went that is easy Dawson

PODCAST | Chris Dawson’s celebrity status assisted him avoid scrutiny after the disappearance of their spouse, claims a previous cop.

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