Placement tests assist us evaluate which university courses you really need to just simply just take through the year that is first of studies at Northeastern.

It’s essential you have to take the tests that you understand the placement test sections and why.

It is also essential to apply, practice, practice before the tests are taken by you. Year once you take the test, you can interpret your test scores to see which courses you can take during your first.

Northeastern’s positioning screening consists of two tests: English ( writing and reading) and math – for a complete of three parts. Click the tab “More in regards to the Test” for further details.

Concerning the Test

By exercising when it comes to English and mathematics positioning tests, you raise your odds of getting into higher-level English and mathematics courses throughout your year that is first at. This is useful both in money and time, as you’ll be advancing in your studies previously and tuition that is saving along the way.

Northeastern makes use of the school Board, a mission-driven, not-for-profit company that links pupils to university success and possibility, for the training tests and test planning.

The faculty Board’s Accuplacer is really what Northeastern makes use of to manage the positioning tests in:

  • Composing
    • Composing (25 choice that is multiple)
    • WritePlacer (essay)
  • Math
    • Quantitative thinking, Algebra, and data (20 numerous choice questions)
    • Advanced Algebra and procedures (20 numerous choice concerns) (offered just with a rating 250 or more in the Quantitative test that is reasoning
  • Reading (20 choice that is multiple)


Start exercising today with Accuplacer’s practice tests – all tests and resources are free!

General Resources

Accuplacer Test Concerns (pdf files)

PrepSTEP practice tests (online thanks to the Northeastern Library)

?Accuplacer test Questions (pdf files)

Accuplacer Test Concerns (pdf files)

Additional resources

The mathematics positioning test places pupils into the math that is appropriate to enable them to achieve success in Northeastern’s coursework and needs. Pupils cannot create any mathematics program without previous evaluation or college-level coursework.

All entering freshmen pupils are offered two alternatives for positioning in to a math program:

ACT/SAT math score OR

mathematics positioning test

Pupils ought to take the mathematics positioning test because Northeastern takes the larger rating: either your work math score, SAT math rating, or mathematics positioning test rating. We encourage one to make your best effort to put higher to be able to save yourself money and time.

Pupils who do maybe perhaps not submit ACT or scores that are SAT use the mathematics positioning test. Pupils that have submitted ACT/SAT mathematics ratings is put straight into a mathematics program entirely centered on their ACT/SAT math score (see Interpreting Your Test Scores, go through the 3rd tab).

The exemptions from using the mathematics positioning test are:

Freshmen by having an ACT math rating of 28 or greater OR an SAT mathematics score of 640 or maybe more cannot destination any greater if you take the test.

Freshmen with an ACT mathematics score of 25-27 OR an SAT mathematics score of 580-630 have met the Math/Quantitative Reasoning Requirement without using a training course but could place higher by still using the test.

Freshmen whom get a score of ‘3’ or maybe more in the AP calculus test.

Transfer Students

Transfer pupils who possess maybe perhaps perhaps not effectively finished college-level coursework in mathematics at their institution that is prior are to simply take the mathematics positioning test.

The exceptions to the policy are:

Transfer pupils whom be given a grade of ‘C’ or better in Intermediate Algebra at their transfer organization. Nonetheless, since Intermediate Algebra isn’t a college-level program, they’ll certainly be necessary to offer evidence of course completion in the shape of an unofficial transcript towards the Mathematics Department so that you can get authorization to join up for appropriate mathematics courses at Northeastern.

Transfer pupils who possess submitted their ACT/SAT mathematics ratings could be put as a mathematics program entirely centered on their ACT/SAT math score (see Interpreting Your Test Scores, click the third tab).

The English placement test places pupils in appropriate English courses to allow them to:

satisfy Northeastern’s English structure requirement, and

be ready for their general training and major courses

The English positioning test is directed at all incoming freshmen, along with transfer pupils who’ve maybe maybe maybe not successfully completed ENGL 101 or a course that is equivalent their past organization.

The test is divided in to two components:

Pupils whom enter Northeastern by having an ACT reading rating of 20 or maybe more OR an SAT Evidence Based learning and Writing (EBRW) rating of 480 or maybe more may be excused from taking the reading portion.

Composing (a writing make sure 300-600 term essay)

All entering pupils who have to take ENGL 101 will have to make the writing part.

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