Sitebuilder Reviews – These are the worst ever.

I do not frequently do any reviews whatsoever, but this business clearly deserve it.. don’t come as I experienced they don’t give a dam if you canceled or not after buying it first time, they will just bill back, unbelivable near them.

I could echo all the other bad reviews…

I’m able to echo most of the other reviews that are bad right right here. Terrible solution, so when we attempted to cancel REPEATEDLY, they proceeded to bill my debit card for months. I’ve a few e-mails and phone conversations regarding shutting the account, and I manually removed my internet sites, yet they carry on. I became obligated to obtain a new card because of these antics. Unsure how exactly to start suing them in this full instance, or if it is worthwhile, but i might like to.

Good customer care experience

Had been worried in the beginning after reading most of the reviews but really had an experience that is great their help group simply now.Do recommend calling them directly and sorting things out this way.

Terrible company

Terrible business, we called, emailed and chatted together with them concerning my web site coming double and I also never ever got nobody to correct my website. We will be carry it down and I try not to suggest them to nobody. No customer is had by them solution abilities..

Wish I really could offer 0 movie stars.

Wish I possibly could provide 0 movie stars.

Just recieved a contact saying they truly are using Ј240 from my take into account a niche site we thought stopped around an ago year.

Id never been aware of sitelio so when we keyed in my e-mail it developed just one e-mail (the invoice).

It did show up having an ehost one though that upon reading, it stated my free account had been migrating to sitelio at A HIGH PRICE. Once you click the a high price website link it pops up with a full page Broken alert.

January Ive sent a cancellation email because it says my renewal date is 7th.

Experiencing actually scammed

POOR They took funds from my account without my authorization! Positively unbelievable!

Terrible fraudsters and cheats

Terrible fraudsters and cheats. They delivered me personally an invoice for a strategy I would never ever also heard about, not to mention finalized around.

We tried to cancel my renewal. They keep attempting to access my payment technique despite the fact that my web web web site builder account is cancelled and so they confirmed same, and fortunately it fails as my re re payment details have actually changed.

They do say every single day on receipt of this day-to-day e-mail from their website wanting to access my account, they are going to correct it and just just simply take my email address off; and low and behold we have another e-mail telling me they desire my monies.

Bad work with a webpage creating business, customer support is bad with no complaints procedure. These are generally in breech of GDPR but are maybe not interested.

Do not get associated with this team

All went well until i needed to cancel. This solution is a typical bait and switch – appear in with a reduced cost, up offer and make certain you retain billing with barrier after barrier to cancelling (such as for instance needing to phone them offshore in their company hours).

Despite ease of use plus some good templates, that you don’t need to get involved in this sort of business.

I made a massive error getting that is involved

We produced huge blunder getting a part of Sitebuilder and want I experienced checked on here first. They don’t have a phone connection this is certainly genuine regardless of exactly exactly just what it states on the literary works. Check it out, if you prefer. They have taken a large amount of money from your account, they fob you off with delaying tactics til you give up when you contact the online support because.

Usually do not get near these folks.

Usually do not get near these social individuals.Not just is the customer care appallingly bad, their templates aren’t customizable without considerable time and effort. They’ve really gone in and made modifications to your site without my knowledge. We have never ever experienced such an unhealthy internet site hosting service.And now they’ve been keeping my website name for ransom therefore I can relocate to a trusted, reputable website hosting solution. They will not offer my EBB code without authorizing a payment that is further of16 on my charge card! I might never ever see my website name once again and that’s planning to cause a huge issue with my customer. These are generally when you look at the U.K. or I would personally begin legal proceedings against them.

SITEBUILDER is certainly not dependable

Hi everybody. Please STAY AWAY FROM Sitebuilder. This business has scripted communications for every single problem you have got, i am losing my images every 3rd time. Sitebuilder just isn’t reliable at all. If you prefer headaches and anxiety you should have them. They will NOT ISSUE a reimbursement after 2 weeks therefore be cautious. I am stuck using them. I actually do not need any one else to spent cash for a thing that isn’t worth every penny.

Terrible and company that is deceptive

Terrible and misleading company, below par features and service that is lousy. With sitebuilder you can’t develop an email that is professional you purchase G Suite solution. It doesnt provide or enable you to include e-mails through it, you need to purchase that from G suite, and each e-mail can cost you extra $50 from G suite and the month-to-month solution charge for the website. Additionally the corporation is quite tricky, it straight away locks you into a couple of years solution contract appropriate after you strike the purchase key and without informing you ahead of time.

Unstable platform

Unstable platform. Scammer way of using cash. Scripted responses. Terrible support. That is

They never succeeded in posting my…

They never succeeded in posting my web web web site despite it being willing to upload for months. They nevertheless charged me personally when it comes to full months i ended up being kept looking forward to them to write. A tremendously mistake that is costly. I suggest vistaprint. It is much far better value. Don’t use web web site builder

terrible payment solution

terrible payment solution. they just just take cash from my bank-account without my permission.

Even with investing in a plan that is pro

Even with investing in a plan that is pro almost anything is a choice that costs a lot more cash!I’m completed with it. Obstructed my paypal payment.

Dishonest money that is deceitful scam music artists

These individuals state which they deliver reminders to renew your domain and purposely allow it to slip then desire to charge you up to they may be able. They NEVER respond to questions simply repeat exactly the same email that is scripted and once again. The very first thing we knew about my internet site no longer working ended up being whenever a client said. Positively disgusting service taken care of 24 months got the very first 12 months and due to the fact domain had not check this site out been renewed i have now lost the following 12 months of web hosting then to top it off they will have simply withdrawn Ј16 from my account fully for the domain that I do not have since it has expired! Therefore it ever expire if they can take the payment without my consent how did? I’ve now demanded their details to create a formal grievance and to improve it with Trading Standards. Prevent these social people if you wish to maintain your cash!

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